Recording videos at concerts is stupid


When I woke up today and checked my Instagram account, I noticed that this fellow Green Day fan followed me. I went straight to her profile and saw maybe close to 60 videos from a handful of concerts around North America. They are currently touring North America to promote their new album, Revolution Radio.

After checking out her profile, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was practically first row at every concert and had tons of videos from all of them. She paid over $100 per show just to record it.

This is just foolish and completely ruins the experience.

I think her intent was to get a lot of likes on Instagram from all of these posts. She’s clearly not a true fan.

Okay, I understand why you’d want to take a few photos. I certainly did when I saw them last week at Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario. But, she recorded the same songs at every concert she attended. She was right in front of Green Day’s frontman, Billie Joe, and she watched him through her cell phone.

She had so many videos from the concert in London, even though, Billie Joe picked on another girl near the front of the stage for doing the exact same thing.

He said something along the lines of, “Why are you watching me through your phone, when I’m right in front of you?”

Right after he said this, about 10 minutes into the concert, almost everyone put away their phones. This was obviously the right thing to do and Billie Joe knew it.

After all, it’s almost impossible to keep your phone still during a Green Day concert. If you’ve ever seen them, you’d know that you have to jump and wave your arms constantly. Especially when Billie Joe yells, “Let’s go crazy!”

Also, you should put away your phone out of respect for the band. Musicians want you to be engaged and attentive. They work really hard to put on the best show they can and it’s just a shame when people hold their phones up the entire time.

The worst part of it is when someone in front of you blocks your view with his or her phone. This forces you to watch the concert through a phone as well. This is incredibly rude and unnecessary.

Anyway, I envy the girl who followed me on Instagram because, she was so close to the band. However, I feel as though she could have had a way better time if she just put her phone away. I think it’s crazy how she follows them around North America and spends so much time and money to attend all the gigs, just to record them.

I think one photo should be enough for social media just to show you were there. There is no need to record the whole concert. I have no doubt that Green Day will release a live DVD soon, which will be a lot less costly than the ticket price.

On a final note, I think musicians should start banning cell phones from concerts all together. They take away from the experience and are a nuisance. I’ve heard Jack White is already starting to ban them and Green Day should follow.